19 September 2011

My New Love Affair

It has been a very long time since I've update this blog, the single excuse is I haven't felt inspired, but that's change. I have discovered a new fashion... Dolly Kei. Dolly kei is a hodgepodge of fashions really, it is mostly centered around vintage that is layered to achieve a romantic, gypsy witch, Grimm fairytale look. Like its sister, Mori girl, Dolly kei originated in Japan. Though I believe that this style was around for years and years, and it does have an old world, east European aesthetic. Now do not think I have abandoned Lolita, of course not, I am simply adding to my repertoire of looks. I've always believe that fashion was meant to be fun. Having more styles to work with is like having more toys. I leave you with a look at the lovely maze that is Grimoire, one of the leading boutique for the fashion, and some of my favorite street shots.