30 June 2010

Quaintrelle et la mode

As season roll in and roll out and designers showcase their spring and winter lines, fashion is an ever evolving beast with many facets and many appeals.

So how is the quaintrelle supposed to dress?

... Any way she wants.

It is my firm belief that a quaintrelle has many liberties in the manner she expresses herself. In fact she can quite easily become a style icon without much effort, because instead of dressing for the world she dresses for herself and that makes the world take notice and follow suit.

For the aspiring quaintrelle the problem isn't what style she chooses, it is that she have the courage to wear that style, no matter how the world will receive it.

Confidence is a trait all quaintrelle should have in their arsenal of weapons. To live a life of passion she must not dwell on insecurities or negative criticism. She must always trust herself and wear what feels and looks good to her, no matter what others think is "fashionable" or chic.

The quaintrelle is a woman of style not fashion


  1. My sense of fashion needs to be addressed. Having worked as a banker for the last five years of my life has limited my ability to improvise or be creative with my clothing. Now that I am trying to redefine my career choices, I have to seriously rethink how I want to present myself to the world.

  2. I am the type that believes any style can be infused with one's personality.
    I dress myself in many styles and fashions. Most are not mainstream and are definitely not acceptable in all situations. When I do have to dress for business I try to incorporate an element of my personal taste, a color, an accessory,etc... anything that give the outside world a peek into who I am and still give that sense of seriousness and appropriateness.

    I will definitely be adding more about fashion and tricks to incorporate. If you have any suggestion are would like to see anything please do not hesitate to tell me. I'll be happy to help you out.

  3. Woo! That's me! :O I had to look up what a quaitrelle was XD

    But passion - check,
    dress the way I want - check XD

    And this is the way I address people as well when they ask me questions on my opinion on what they are going to wear! @_@ "Wear what you like and what makes you feel happy!" :O I don't want to be one to tell someone to wear something that doesn't make them happy, or express their inner self and make them shine D: Because I love so much that I find pleasure in what I love for me, I feel it's insisted for others to have the same pleasure too XD