16 July 2010

Ma égérie: Marie Antoinette

Salut mes amis, J'espere que le jour te trouve bon humeur.

I sincerely believe that inspiration comes from everything and every direction. Life is a boundless source for muses one just has to be willing to open ones eyes and see beauty even in ugliness.

Among my many muses is the famous (until this century infamous) tragic french queen, Marie Antoinette.

I am in love with all things 18th century, and she is the icon of fashion before the outbreak of revolution.

Though it is still argued how much she has to do with creating the deficit, I still believe much of what was charged against her (not all but a good portion) can be attributed to bad publicity.

Yet beside the debate about her roles as queen, she is still admired for her beauty, style and joie de vivre.

A film that is particularly sympathetic to the queen is Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.
Though in dialogue in the film is lacking, it is a visually beautiful and worth watching if simply to gaze upon the costumes and settings.

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